Technologies Ready for Commercialization


XrayTo3D - Tabplan3D
A Novel Preventive Technique to Help Patients Manage Kidney Disease
Dance Aid for Deaf
MiraCradle - Neonate Cooler
Off-Grid & Renewable Energy Powered Cold Storages for "First Mile" of our Food Supply Chain
Smartphone Integrated Noninvasive Fetal ECG Monitor to Detect Fetal Distress
Complete Indigenous Technology to Spin Hemodialysis Grade Hollow Fiber Membranes
Rice Husk Ash to Highly 1 Dispersible Silica
A Serum-based Kit for the Diagnosis of Visceral Leishmaniasis (Kala Azar) and PKDL
DosaMatic-Table Top Dosa Machine
Biomimetic Smart Aerosols for Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis & Other Pulmonary Diseases
A Continuous Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring System Based on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Rechargeable Safe Magnesium - ION Battery
Energy Saving Device for Producing Uniform Charcoal Heat Through LPG
Production of Carbon Nano-Material from Industrial Gas Emissions
Genetic Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine for Maximum Healthcare
Mobility Solution for Patients with Neurological Disorder / Spinal Cord Injury
Home Based Devices For Speech and Language Problems
Low Cost and Green Manufacturing Using Smart Enzymes Libraries
Development of X-Ray Visible Polymers for Non-invasive Imaging Applications
Bone Grafts Designed Via Bio-Mimetic Approach from Natural Origin Materials
Foot Mounted Pedestrian Navigation Made Easy
Efficient Cost Effective Detection Kits for Banana Viruses
Low-Cost Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device for Blood Cell Counting
Myco-Tablets for Decolorization of Dye Waste Water
Low Cost Portable Digital X-Ray for Extremities and Pediatrics

This innovative technology costs 1/10th of current Digital X-Ray, is safe with dosage 1/5th of current DIgital X-ray. It has high resolution X-Ray image 9.4 lp/mm to current average of 3-4 lp/mm.

Smart sand – ZaaKSand

ZaaK has developed a unique technology to convert fly ash into lightweight sand. It is an excellent alternative to normal sand.

NetPlug : Give the Power of Internet to your Products

This small cube, when interfaced, allows the end users to control their devices over the internet via app. NetPlug is for manufacturers of Electronics and Electrical devices/appliances and industrial machinery who can give the power of Internet to their products.

Fabric Based Heating Elements for Warmth/Fomentation in Medical Applications

These innovative and affordable fabric based heating elements are ideal for patients suffering from Arthritis, back-aches, joint-muscle pains.

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