Technologies Ready for Commercialization


A novel antibiotic adjuvant entity for lowering Antimicrobial Resistance
Simple Soil Nutrient Analysis using AAT
Low cost Indigenous raw materials for making sanitary napkins
Flame ware / Ceramic cooking ware
Light weight Unmanned Drone
Mobile Shoe Charger
DeTect (Normal/High Temperature Defect Detection Technology)
Decision Making Tools using Digital Maps
Mobile Harvest
SES - Molecular Diagnostic Services
Environmental Remediation Catalyst
Fault tolerant Unmanned aerial vehicle autopilot
Democratization of Business Intelligence with 1KEY
Clean energy generation using plasma process
CareMother- Mobile Pre and High Risk Care
Multifuel/fuel-hydrid I.C.Engine
Universal Multifunction Accelerator
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Beta Thalassemia Carrier Detection Kit
Photo Dynamic Therapy Laser System
VAJRA (Vessel desk)
Solar Powered Crop Harvester
Bamboo Greenhouse
Hand pump integrated with filtration system for treating
contaminated ground water /JeevanDhara- Handpump integrated with filtration
Alvel Omega 3 Egg
Papyrus Eficiencia - most eco-friendly and cost efficient paper
DrMHope Cloud based SaaS application for Hospital
OcuDA: Ocular Digital Adaptor
An organic plant growth enhancer and Yield promoter

The technology is a organic formulation consisting mixture of bio-agents along with organic substances.

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