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The offer makingIndian company is a premier plastic products company in the NorthernIndia engaged in the manufacturing of Rigid PVC Pipes, Water Storage Tanks, Dust Bins, Planters and other allied items.The unit had been set up in the year 1972. The company is spread over a plot of 10 acres and covered areas of 50,000 sq.ft. with an employment of around 200 persons in various sections. The products manufactured are quite popular in terms of quality standards. The company has its own complete independent testing laboratory where a dozen technicians/ engineers work to improve upon and ensure high standards. The company has made a fairly steady progress in terms of its sales which is presently to the tune of US $ 3 million. There is an annual growth of about 30% in the turnover. The company is likely to diversify into PVC doors and windows, PVC insulation tape, PVC 4 core cables, automobile parts and mobile toilets etc. in the near future.

The company can offer total assistance for manufacturing the following or any other plastic product: i) Rigid PVC Pipes, electrical conduits and accessories, sanitary items, PVC pressure pipes and rigid PVC pipes for tubewells. These pipes are basically used in buildings, tubewells and irrigation in agriculture field. Due to inertness to chemical properties they are also being used in chemical industries, dairy plants etc. ii) Water storage tanks designed to meet ever increasing demand of water storage in the residential buildings, offices, factories etc. They provide safe, hygienic, storage in a more economical way. They are moulded in one tough piece without any joints or welds or an exclusively fully computerised rotational moulding plant from special grades of polyethylene. The inner white coating in tank ensures extra heat insulation and water remains hygienic due to clean and smooth surface. iii) Planters to enhance the beauty of the plants and also to make sure that the planters are compatible with the rest of the room. They are mainly meant for indoor plants.

Planters and dustbins are made of tough plastic material and are unbreakable. They are being extensively used in offices, hotels, industries, hospitals and other public places such as airports and bus stands etc. With a little investment, the design of the planter and dustbin can be changed as per the customers requirement.

Areas of Application

Household, construction, general irrigation etc. Advantages Commercially proven technology Wide application and uses Growing market Low-cost Running plant can be visited

Stage of Development


Transfer Forms

Turnkey Plant, Technical Assistance, Equipment Supply, Consultancy etc. depending on requirement.Turnkey Plant, Technical Assistance, Equipment Supply, Consultancy etc. depending on requirement. Know-how, Consultancy, Turnkey, Production Equipment, Technical Assistance.

Main Application

Plastics Industry, Rubber Industry

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