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Hydro gels are cross linked polymeric networks capable of absorbing large amount of water and drastically increasing in volume. In general they find application as biomaterial & super absorbent materials in agro industry and biomedical engineering. Hydro gel exhibit potential use as controlled/regulated drug delivery systems, artificial skin, sutures, membranes for transfusion purposes and implants. The characteristics of the hydro gel are designed using appropriate polymers to form Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPN) to achieve the desired physico-chemical properties. After studying the presently used processes of producing hydro gels and their limitation, a new process has been developed to prepare a novel hydro gel which is pH sensitive, biocompatible, and biodegradable.

The novel Interpenetrating Polymer Network hydro gels (IPNs) based on FDA approved natural and synthetic polymers were synthesized and characterized for biomedical application. The hydro gel can be loaded with biologically active molecules such as drugs, proteins, vaccines, antigens, antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides and other agrochemicals. Percentage of the loading in the gel varies between 5% to 200% depending on the composition of the gel. The hydrogel can be molded into desired shapes such as cylinders, cubes, blocks, sheets etc. and can be stored in airtight containers at ambient temperature.

Special Features

Possess multifarious properties; Releases drug in response to the external chemical, physical and biological stimuli; Fully biocompatible and biodegradable resulting into non-toxic metabolites; Capable of delivering biologically active molecules such as drugs, proteins, vaccines, antigens, antibiotics, hormones at specific site and in a specific manner eliminating the potential of under and over dosing; Capable of getting loaded with varied types of biologically, pharmaceutically and therapeutically active substances; Free of impurities such as monomers, initiators and other ingredients used in the manufacture of gel; Maintain effective drug concentration in the blood over longer periods, maximize efficacy and minimize side effects; Possess proper geometry and porosity for desired loading, releasing and degrading capability.

Prospective Users

As biomaterial for regulated drug delivery system, sutures, artificial skin, membranes and super absorbent material in pharmaceutical industry, agro industry, biomedical engineering.


Hydro gel, Drug, Biomedical, Biocompatible

Type of Technology


Status of IPR Protection

Indian Patent Application no: 1068/DEL/2002 dated 24th October 2002 with the title "A Process for preparation of Hydro gel"

Status of Development

Product is ready for First phase clinical trail

Requirement of Raw Materials/Components

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
Thermal Gravimatetric Analyzer

Developed by

Prof. (Ms.) Veena Kaul



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