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The offered blown film production lines are backed by proven engineering experience of over a decade and are available in the widest range from simple two layer line for general purpose packaging films to a five layer blown film line for barrier films and technical grade films. These blown film lines, incorporating latest technological advancements are designed for absolute ease of operation and are the product of engineering excellence supported by stringent in-house quality standards and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities coupled with unmatched after sale services, excellent process back-up from a qualified team of professionals.

The lines are available in host of configurations to suit various end product requirements with output ranging from 80 kg./hr to 500 kg./hr and width upto 3000 mm. Most lines are offered with modular oscillating haul-off system which is backed by company's decade old experience of building such systems with enormous installations inIndia and overseas. The oscillating haul-off system provides for excellent gauge randomization thereby improving roll geometry and also easy subsequent retrofit of various automations like thickness monitoring. The extra long collapsing frame incorporating dynamically balanced aluminium idler rollers, helps producing films with improved flatness and air assisted turn bars with teflon coating eliminate wrinkles during oscillation. Remote motorized collapsing frame adjustment as also the driven rollers are optionally available.

The film lines incorporate different type of die assemblies to suit specific product requirements. Oscillating dies are offered on a two layer and three layer line especially for stretch films. Conventional spiral distributor dies. optionally configured to incorporate IBC system are offered on most three layer lines. The dies are computer designed for uniform flow distribution with a variety of resins with different flow rates, viscosites and melt temperatures allowing for shortest residence time, excellent therma; stability and self-cleaning properties to produce films with closest thickness tolerance. The process control panel is modular and has user oriented configuration. It is operationally reliable and easily serviceable with the use of uncompromising quality of inputs such as Eurotherm and Siemens/ Telemechanique controls. The most sophisticated, fully computerized process control process control systems with user friendly and modular configurations, gravimetric feeding, film thickness monitoring system and width and thickness control systems, computerized process mimic on colour monitor, etc. are available optionally.

The latest innovation an indigenously developed most sophisticated Universal co-ex-die-UCD, which is completely modular and gives tremendous flexibility to processor and can also be upgraded from two layer to nine layer co-ex. die. The die consists of a horizontal spiral distribution system providing for shorter flow path and residence time which results into improved melt quality and reduced energy. Each module is just a single layer die comprised of two discs and in multilayer configuration, the UCD provides almost the same wetted surface area to different layers as the melt distribution is realized on the surface of the discs. The purging time is far less than that on the conventional co-ex. dies and the cleaning is not only very easy but can also be carried out in specific affected layer. Specifications: Screw diameter - 40/ 40 mm to 60/ 60/ 60 mm Screw length (L/D ratio) - 30/ 30 mm to 30/ 30/ 30 mm Layflat width range (mm) - 425 to 1350 mm Film thickness range (micron) - 25 to 150 micron Power: 22/ 22 to 56/ 56/ 56 kw (main drive) Max. Output (kg./hr.) - 90 to 300 kg./hr Total load - 88 kw to 303 kw Dimensions (LxWxH) (mts.) - 9 x 6 x 8 to 13 x 8 x 12 All output data relates to 4 MT LDPE. Specifications of multilayer blown film line with different configuration can be made available on request.

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