Flexible Packaging Laminate

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Indian consultancy company is offering technology for flexible packaging laminate. The film is being printed according to the choice of customer by roto gravuve process. Then it is being laminated with other poly film to get sealibility. Finally all are being slitted and corrected to pouch form.


Edible oil, Dairy products, Potato wafers, Pickles, Toileteries like shampoo, Soap wrappers, Biscuits wrappers

Asthetic appeal Very light weight


Excellent barrier property and shelf lifeTotal project cost: Rs. 2,50,00,000,

Machinery equipment

Rs. 80,00,000O perational cost/year, Rs.6,00,00,000K know-how fee, Rs. 5,00,000 Training fee, Rs. 1,00,000 Payback period: 3 years

Production Capacity

500 mt/annum

Stage of Development


Inputs Required

Building - 1,000 sq.m.duction equipment, technical assistance

Main Application

Plastics Industry, Rubber Industry

For further information please contact

Technology Bureau for Small Enterprises
APCTT Building, Qutub Institutional Area
P.O. Box - 4575
New Delhi - 110016, India