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Iron metal when exposed to the atmosphere, readily forms a variety of iron oxide on the metal surface leading to rust. This process of corrosive reaction is continuous and lead to rapid deterioration which in turn damages plant & machineries, breakdown and production loss, increased maintenance & frequent replacement, reduced operational life, etc. To overcome these problems, rust preventers, inhibitors, different types of enamel/top coats, etc are being used. Due to frequent repetitive application of these procedures and their comparative ineffectiveness, they in reality not only turn to be a regular recurring expenditure but in essence do not arrest the problem of rusting effectively. From this point of view, RUSTGARD, a revolutionary and cost effective rust converter, for reversing the process of rusting, has been developed.

Rustgard is an 'off-white' coloured low viscosity liquid. It is non-toxic and not inflammable and hence not hazardous. It can be applied on surface that are in contact with potable water. When applied on a rusted surface it reacts with the rust and changes colour to bluish black/brown indicating chemical reaction. After curing for about 60 minutes the colour gets changed to black. The process of manufacture consists of preparation of mill base by mixing mineral colloids, Zinc oxide, Antifoaming agent, etc in suitable proportion with water followed by addition of Tannic acid and Oxalic acid. Latex is then added slowly with stirring to get the final product. Rustgard comes as a two-coat application. In the first coat (rustgard coat) application rustgard reacts chemically with the rust and changes it to a non-corrosive matrix. On drying, it forms a tenacious polymer coating thereby stabilizing the surface and arresting the process of rusting. In the second coat (cover coat) it provides an additional very high strength protective polymer coating to protect the rustgard coat. Additionally the polymer used provides the best barrier properties sealing the stabilized metal surface from the environment.

Special Features

Does not contain Phosphoric acid or Phosphates which decreases the strength of metal. Viscosity being low, consumption of the product per unit area is less resulting in more economical application. Life of coating increases by 10 times as compared to conventional enamel and epoxy coating with greater durability. Coated steel bars in RCC have 7 ton tensile strength as compared to 2 ton with enamel and epoxy coated steel bars. Highest resistance to salt based corrosion/rusting. Repetitive repainting is prevented reducing the cost of paint and labour Ease of application

Prospective Users

Being a versatile product, Rustgard can be used in various engineering industries such as Chemical, Building & Construction, Automobile, Shipping, Petroleum & Petro-chemicals, Cement; off-shore structures, Railways; Defence installations; Ports & Docks; Oil and Gas pipelines, etc.


Rust, Iron, environment, Industry

Type of Technology


Status of IPR Protection

Indian Patent Application No 607/DEL/2003 dated 16.4.2003 with title "Rust reforming and inhibiting composition, Indian Patent Application No 608/DEL/2003 dated 16.4.2003 with title "Rust inhibiting and overcoat composition.

Status of Development

The process has been developed in a small scale with 2 litres per batch. This could be upscaled to a level of 200 liters per batch preferably after standardizing the process parameters through a pilo

Requirement of Raw Materials/Components

Polymer latex

Major Equipment & Facilities required

Dispersion mill having a capacity of 40 to 50 liters; Mixer with paddle stirrer of capacity 200 to 250 liters per batch. Total cost of equipment and facilities is Rs. 30 lakhs. (approxly.)

Developed by

Dr. K A Ghosh


Center for Polymer Science and Engineering

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