Conducting Polymer Grafted Fabric

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A national research organisation is offering a process for conducting polymer grafted fabric. The conducting polymer grafted fabrics are for the replacement of metallic/carbon-polymetric composites used in issipation of electrostatic charge as well as for the control of electromagnetic interference. Grafting of polyaniline was done on fabrics, such as nylon, glass, terelyne etc. by solid-liquid phase interface technique. Similarly the polypyrrol was deposited on these articles by solid-vapour-phase interface technique. It is known that nylon fabrics are unstable under acidic conditions. However, we have developed a methodology to graft conducting polymers on nylon fabric under acidic conditions.

The advantage of nylon loss fabric is it is light weight and transparent.The conductivity of these grafted materials can be achieved in the range of 1 cm2 to 10/-4cm2.

Main Application

Plastics Industry, Rubber Industry

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