Uni-Polymer Composites


Polymeric materials or composites made from different or same forms of a single polymer are used in plastics, fibres, rubbers, etc. Such known materials have disadvantages like high cost, high melt viscosity, significant limitations in the method of preparation, insufficient mixing of components, possibility of changing the properties of fibre during melt processing, etc. Further, the known process is limited to preparation of High performance Polyethylene (HPPE) fibres and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) chips. In order to overcome these disadvantages and also produce polymeric materials which could be recycled a new process has been developed. Material so produced enables to have a multi-layer construction with desired dimensions.

Single Polymer in two different forms are selected. The two different forms could be fibre and fibre, film and flat tape, fibre and flat tape, fabric and film or fabric and fabric but having different properties. The forms so selected are impregnated and placed in a mould to give any desired shape. If desired, the temperature on the sides of the mould is changed to impart a rough structure,. Depending on the required thickness layers are built-up and the Composite (Polymeric material) is formed by application of temperature and pressure specific to the selected Polymer. The polymers that can be used are Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene, Polyethylene teraphthalate, Polybutyle terapthalate, Polypropylene terapthalate, nylons liquid crystal polymeric systems, etc and other thermoplastics that can be converted to fibre, film or flat tape forms.

Special Features

Low cost polymeric materials could be made from easily available polymeric raw materials. Polymeric materials could be recycled after the desired use. Desired dimensions of the composite could be obtained due to multi-layer construction Biodegradable polymeric materials could be prepared.

Prospective Users

Industries engaged in the production of plastic, fibre, rubber and allied materials


Polymer, polymeric, polypropylene, polyethylene

Type of Technology


Status of IPR Protection

Indian Patent Application no: 145/DEL/2000 dated 23rd February 2000 with the title "A Process for the preparation of a Polymeric Materials or Composites "

Status of Development

Process developed in laboratory scale needs to be tried on pilot plant

Developed by

Prof. L B Deopura


Textile Technology

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