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The offer-making Indian company is engaged in manufacturing of machinery for clear APET sheet vaccumforming, thermoforming and blister forming applications. APET (amorphous polyester sheet), a new development worldwide, is growing at a rate of 15-20%. The demand is both for thick and thin sheets. Blister Packaging: As a replacement to PVC blister packaging. The total PVC market on a conservative basis is expected to be around 40,000 tpa. Assuming 50% replacement of PVC, the market for APET Sheets for blister packaging is approximately 20,000 tpa inIndia. It has wide range of applications. Thermoforming: Presently total annual consumption of HIPS/GPPS for thermoforming is around 40,000 tpa.

This market is growing at the rate of 25% with newer applications in food market shifting to plastics. APET, in view of higherstrength and transperancy has advantage. The potential of APET as a replacement is estimated around 20,000 tpa inIndia. Major applications are: Water tumblers Dairy Products - ice cream etc. Salads Desserts Confectionery Sweet Meat

Areas of Application

Packaging, Disposable Containers, Engineering, Medical Products etc


The advantages over PVC for blister packaging or HIPS/ GPPS for thermoforming are given below

Blister Packaging

Non toxic and safe for food/ drug Good mechanical strength-downgauging possible Excellent transparency and gloss No stress whitening when flexed Good chemical resistance Good gas and water barrier properties Can be sterlized by gamma radiation Faster cycle times - high productivity Can be pigmented Price competitiveness Faster heat absorption due to higher diffusivity rates (app. 10%) as compared to PVC implying that Pet Sheet will absorb heat faster than other materials.


Excellent clarity of thermoformed products Better mechanical properties, chemical resistance, impact strength, gas and water barrier properties giving higher shelf life to the packed products. Environment friendly and suitable for recycling No stress whitening when flexed Good weather and UV resistance Easy shaping Higher productivity and lower energy costs due to: - Heating can be done at 10-150C lower than for PS implying a savings in energy cost and also corresponding reduction in cycle time due to lower cooling time. - Faster heat absorption due to higher diffusivity values resulting in lower cycle times. - Improved thermoforming speeds due to higher thermal diffusivity. 1000 TPA Commercialised Building: 2500/ 3000 sq.ft. Storage Space: 5000/ 6000 sq.ft. Power: 113 KW

Raw Materials

Available locally and through international suppliers.

Economic Data

Estimated cost of plant and machinery (inIndia): Rs. 70 lakh (US $ 150,000).

Stage of Development


Transfer Forms

Turnkey Plant, Technical Assistance, Equipment Supply, Consultancy etc. depending on requirement.

Main Application

Plastics Industry, Rubber Industry

For further information please contact

Technology Bureau for Small Enterprises
APCTT Building, Qutub Institutional Area
P.O. Box - 4575
New Delhi - 110016, India