Low Cost Spinneret for Production of Hollow Fibres for Haemodialysis Application

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Production of polymeric hollow fibre membranes with different sizes for surface water purification and haemodialysis


Salient Technical Features


•  The spinneret is capable of manufacturing hollow fibres of different sizes 100µm-800µm inner diameter and 150µm-900µm outer diameter suitable for a variety of applications: haemodialysis, water treatment, effluent treatment etc., where as the commercially available spinnerets produce hollow fibres of single dimensions.

•  The spinneret is completely indigenously designed and developed wherein the commercially available haemodialysis spinnerets are imported. This shall significantly reduce the production cost of fibres.

•  The spinneret is flexible and is easy to operate.

•  The spinneret has a provision to alter the diameter of fiber using an inbuilt detachable needle arrangement.

•  The device has high commercial value in terms of replacement of imported dialysis membrane modules.


Scale of Development


  • Pilot Scale demo of producing 1 to 10 sq.m of membrane area, can be scaled up further


Status of Commercialization


  • Ready for demo on pilot scale.


Major Raw Materials to be Utilized


  • Stainless steel cylindrical rod, detachable needle or pin


Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required


  • Manual hollow fiber spinning machine


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