Carboxylated Butadiene Nitrile Latex (CBNL)

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CBNL is used in several commercial and strategic applications like nitrile latex gloves, carpet backing, rexine coating, adhesives etc.


Salient Technical Features


•  Nitrile latex products have excellent abrasion resistance, oil resistance and can be formulated to achieve thermal stability. Products of varying nitrile content and solid content can be developed.


Scale of development


•  Lab scale technology @500 g batch


Environmental Considerations


•  Water based process used for polymerization


Major Raw Materials


•  Butadiene, acrylonitrile, acrylic acid available indigenously


Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required


•  Pressure reactor with stirring, temperature control and feeding of gaseous monomers is required. Further up scaling needed as per production requirements, heating/cooling provisions


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