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The Digital Pocket Radiation Dosemeter, DIGIDOSE is a semiconductor detector based, low cost, digital radiation dosemeter. It provides continuous digital readout of X & Gamma radiation dose over a wide range (1microSv to 99999 microSv ). It works on a pair of coin type Lithium battery cells with the battery life exceeding three months if used for 8 hours a day in a 10 microSv/hr radiation field. The dosemeter is available in two models, Model I & II, which differ in the size & type of LCD display used. In another very low cost variation (RADCLICK), the LCD display is dispensed with and a beep tone is produced for every 0.05 microSv of accumulated dose.


Radiation detected X & Gamma radiation (>40KeV)
Detector used PN junction Si semiconductor
Range of measurement 1 microSv to 99999 microSv
Energy dependence Within ±25% from 60KeV to 1.2MeV


Personnel monitoring of radiation workers in Nuclear power stations, Isotope laboratories, Industrial radiography installations, diagnostic & therapeutic radiology centres, etc.

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