PC Based Auto Tld Badge Reader (Model Tldbr 7B)

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PC based automatic TLD badge reader (Auto-TLD BR) has been developed to ensure health and safety of persons working in radiation environment, to monitor the radiation dose received by them and maintain a record. The Auto-TLD BR (Model TLDBR 7B) is capable of automatically evaluating 50 TLD badges and has following improved features over manual TLD Badge reader(TLD BR-3B)

Salient Features

  • Automatic feeding of 50 TLD badges
  • PC based design
  • Glow curve storage for authenticating the recorded dose
  • Extensive PC-resident software for reader control & dose evaluation
  • Built-in diagnostic software & safeguards against malfunctioning
  • Fast readout: 30 sec per dosimeter with electronically controlled gas heating
  • Range: 1µSv to 5 Sv


Personnel Monitoring of radiation workers in Nuclear power stations, Isotope laboratories, Industrial radiography installations, diagnostic & therapeutic radiology centres, etc.

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