Particle Aerodynamic Size Separator (PASS)

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Measurement of aerosol particle size distribution is important in a host of fields such as inhalation hazard evaluation, atmospheric studies, characterizing lung delivery systems, material synthesis etc. Cascade impactors are the most rugged and widely used systems all over the world for this purpose. However, most commercially available impactors are expensive and in order to make them available at a cost-effective scale, the Particle Aerodynamic Size Separator (PASS), has been designed and developed. It is an import substitute product for aerodynamic particle sizing, based on the principle of inertial impaction and separates particles according to their aerodynamic diameters in the range of 0.53-10 µm in seven class intervals. Being indigenous in design, it may be fabricated on a commercial scale at a cost much less than that of the imported units. This instrument will be of help to several national laboratories and universities for carrying out studies on atmospheric pollution and aerosol characterization.


Flow rate 45 lpm
Maximum number of stages seven + Back-up filter
Effective Cut-off diameter range 0.53 to 10 µm

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