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Medical Analyzer Software

Patient monitoring systems employ only heart rate variability monitoring in intensive care units and intensive cardiac care units. Medical Analyzer, a PC based Software developed for the study of physiological variabilities, has unique feature that it yields heart rate variability, cardiac output variability, stroke volume variability/peripheral blood flow variability from a single data acquisition session from the patient. The data acquisition is controlled by the PC, serially connected to the acquisition unit. The variability analysis and transfer to database is performed by the PC with the help of user-friendly software.


Principle Short term analysis of variations in a physiological parameter in time and frequency domain
Parameters (Hardware dependent) Heart Rate, Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output, Peripheral Blood Flow with Impedance Cardiovasograph and Heart Rate, Peripheral Blood Flow with Oxygen Saturation Monitor
Method of Analysis Fast Fourier Transform
Operating System Windows 98 or higher version using Lab Windows CVI Platform


This package consists of different screens providing many useful functions like

  • Data Acquisition with hardware of Impedance Cardiovasograph / Oxygen Saturation Monitor
  • Display of Acquired data in Time and Frequency Domain
  • Deriving Different Variabilities from the Acquired data
  • Saving of calculated parameters in Database for further reporting and analysis

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