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Ground-water is the most dependable, widespread and in most parts the only source of water in India. Despite being a relatively safe source for human consumption from bacterial load point of view, groundwater suffers from various chemical and mineral contaminations like fluoride, arsenic, iron and nitrates. Dissolution from fluoride-bearing minerals and volcanic rocks contaminates the groundwater with fluoride. Till 1999, as many as 17 states of India have been identified with the problem of excessive fluoride in groundwater. The most severely affected amongst these are Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Long term consumption of such water (fluoride above 1 ppm) can cause damaged and discolored teeth (dental fluorosis) and debilitating bone ailments (skeletal fluorosis) which are irreversible. The only way out is to prevent the intake of fluoride. The first and most obvious step towards this is identification of fluoride-free sources of groundwater. FDK provides an ideal technology to produce field-kits for this purpose.

The procedure is as simple as adding a specified amount of a reagent to the water sample and identifying the color developed. The color develops almost instantaneously and the distinction can be made with the naked eye. Water sample can be immediately categorized as being safe, marginal or unsafe for drinking from fluoride point of view. Even a layman can perform the test. The kit can be an excellent tool for individual/community level identification of fluoride free groundwater sources. The complete know-how to produce the reagent, the kit and the testing procedures will be provided to the interested parties.


  • Instantaneous results
  • Eliminates the use of sophisticated instruments for analysis
  • Even a layman can use the kit
  • Low investment on infrastructure for producing the kits
  • Easy availability of the raw-materials
  • Instantaneous results
  • Good accuracy for the intended purpose

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