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Digital medical imaging system (DMIS) is an advanced filmless X-ray imaging system with all four features viz. Fluoroscopy, Radiography, Digital Subtraction Angiography and Offline study in a single multipurpose unit. It mainly consists of a high frequency X- ray generator coupled to a X-ray Image Intensifier Tube to convert the input X-ray signal to an optical output signal, which in turn is coupled to a CCD through special optics. It is a PC based system with user-friendly software having important features desired by technicians and doctors. A dedicated database management facility caters to easy storage and retrieval of the patient data.


  • High resolution HX Image Intensifier Tube
  • 12 inch input,50 lp/mm, Hi-res CsI, High contrast ratio, Three field zoom
  • Digital CCD: High sensitivity 12 bit digital CCD -1kx1k pixel
  • Interfacing of imaging system with indigenously computerized X-ray generator
  • Optical system: motorized Iris, neutral density filter, photodiode for real time light measurement (dose control)
  • Advanced User Interface
  • DICOM compatibility
  • Integrated Patient database
  • Dose reduction features
  • Tested with international standards
  • Modular system - Easy inter changeability of components
  • This system can be retrofitted on existing patient table and X-ray machines in almost all hospitals in India

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