Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Machine

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Teletherapy machines are used for treating localized solid tumors, such as cancers of the skin, tongue, larynx, brain, breast, or uterine cervix. About half of the cancers incidents can be treated with Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Machine.

Highlights of the machine

  • Fully closable collimator for improved radiation safety is a unique feature of the machine.
  • Automatic source withdrawal during emergency.
  • Lower penumbra for better beam quality.
  • All operations are completely computer controlled to facilitate easy operation, complete control over all operating parameters and improved radiation safety.
  • Patient details and treatment details displayed on screen for close monitoring during treatment.
  • On-screen status of AC power, battery, door, wedge, key and air supply.
  • Position of radiation source displayed: safe/ transit/ treatment.
  • Display of scheduled treatment time, time completed and time remaining.
  • Treatment can be interrupted and resumed.

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