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Cardiac Output Monitor reveals pump performance of the heart. The board provides Cardiac Output signal in analog form which can be displayed on standard Oscilloscope. It will form front end module to Patient Monitoring systems useful for the monitoring of stroke volume and cardiac output in patients. It is based on the principle of electrical impedance plethysmography and is non-invasive in nature.

This method has been reported to be accurate in majority of subjects except those with intracardiac shunts or valvular regurgitation and at present is the only non-invasive method for continuous cardiac output monitoring.


Principle Electrical impedance measurement by constant current method.
Mode of operation Calibration/Patient
Configuration Tetrapolar
Sensor Spot electrodes
Carrier current Sinusoidal at 48 KHz frequency and 4 mA amplitude
Measurement range Impedance 5 to 75 W
Rate of change of impedance -1.5 to +3.5 W /sec
Stroke volume 10 ml to 150 ml
Cardiac output 0.5 litres to 20 litres
Patient isolation 3000 Volts
Power input 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50 Hz, 100 W
Output On Oscilloscope


This can be used for OEM application for continuous monitoring of stroke volume and cardiac output in critically ill patients in Intensive Care Units and Intensive Cardiac Care Units, with hardware addition.

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