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This instrument is a novel bio-medical electroporator for efficient, easy and rapid delivery / insertion of bio-molecules, drugs into in vitro and animal experimental systems for drug delivery, transfection and gene therapy.

It operates by inducing Cell Electroporation, which is the process of formation of transient micropores in cellular plasma membrane by application of high intensity, short duration electric field. Application of voltage beyond threshold causes polarization of membrane components resulting in membrane permeabilization for exogenous molecules like DNA and drugs. The induced membrane permeability is reversible provided the magnitude of generated electric fields do not exceed critical limit, beyond which the cell gets irreversibly damaged. Induced pores can remain open from seconds to minutes depending on the type of cell and electric pulse.


Mode Manual : Single pulse of preset parameter
Auto : continuous pulse of 1Hz/sec
No. of pulses selectable 1,2,4 and 8
Burst freq. 125Hz
Pulse distance 8 msec
Pulse duration 200 & 300 msec
Amplitude ± 450V
Output impedance (Z) 400 W


  • Delivery of anti-tumor and anti- fungal drugs for cancer and trans-dermal skin diseases therapy.
  • Transfection of bacterial cells by DNA.
  • Gene therapy of human normal and tumor cells.
  • Electro-insertion of proteins /enzymes.

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