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Banana is the most abundant fruit crop grown in India. Extraction of juice is an effective method of reducing post-harvest loss of the fruit. A novel lab-scale process has been developed at BARC for extraction of juice from banana and production of banana powder as a by-product. Clear juice with a yield of upto 55% (w/w) is obtained without addition of any enzymes and can be stored upto 3 months inside cold storage at temperatures below 40C without adding any preservatives. The residual pulp is converted into fine banana powder.

Applications of Banana Juice

  • Being high on potassium and useful enzymes it can be used as a health drink.
  • Can be used mixed with other fruit juices or drinks for additional flavor.
  • Can be concentrated and used as Syrup in food industry

Applications of Banana Powder

  • Can be used as a substitute for flour in cakes and biscuits,
  • Can be used as a flavoring agent in milk.
  • Can be a good high-fiber low-sugar food base for patients of diabetes

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