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The lead molecule MSP004 exhibits unique biological activity profile against cancer and cancer stem cells CSCs. Preliminary studies have undoubtedly shown the superior activity of MSP004 in the anticancer and anti-CSC assays when compared to Cisplatin. In vitro and in vivo studies will evaluate the anticancer and anti-CSC potential of the MSP004 & analogs designed using computer-aided molecular design CAMD and molecular modelling compared to several cytotoxic and molecularly-targeted anticancer agents such as kinase inhibitor drugs. This presents a unique opportunity to develop a specific anti-CSC agent when there is none available in the clinic.


Stage of Development


Proof of concept.


Unique Features of The Product/Technology


For the first time, the novel anti-cancer drug will target cancer & cancer stem cells in the tumour. The major focus is to target cancer stem cell population in the tumour so that cancer reoccurrence is suppressed.


Market Potential


Cancer is the leading cause of innumerable number of deaths worldwide. In 2012 alone, there were an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer in the world with 7.4 million 53 in males and 6.7 million 47 in females. Many blockbuster drugs are available in the clinic to target various cancers but are not prospective in targeting CSCs.


National/Societal Relevance


Cancer is the second most dreadful disease in India killing more than 30 lakhs patients each year.


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