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The technology offers a simple and rapid nucleic acid isolation kit for plant tissues without degrading the isolated nucleic acids. The kit is based on simple and cost effective nucleic acid isolation protocol developed by the scientists at Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB), India.




•  Northern analysis

•  Nuclease protection assays


•  RNA mapping

•  In vitro translation

•  cDNA library construction


Competitive Advantages


The Nucleic Acid Isolation kit offers following main advantages:

•  Does not require hazardous chemicals such as phenol, lithium chloride and beta-mercaptoethanol.

•  Simple and rapid

•  The protocol does not involve ultracentifugation

•  High recovery of un-degraded total RNA

•  Effective on tissues rich in polyphenols or polysaccharides.

•  Effective on tissues recalcitrant to Guanidinium salts.

•  Isolation of RNA from highly fibrous plant tissues.

•  Low cost of extraction per sample


State of Development


The kit has been developed up to lab scale. The method has been successfully tested and validated on different tree species like Eucalyptus, Casuarina, Terminalia, Neem, Jatropha and Ailanthus.


Licensing Opportunity


BCIL is looking for a suitable licensing partner involved in development of nucleic acid isolation kits.


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