Development of A Molecular Needle as A Novel Platform for Delivery of Anti-Cancer Drugs

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Developed a versatile nontoxic, high speed, high precision molecular machine CyCa delivery device, CyCa-dd that can carry molecular cargoes directly into living cells. CyCa-dd is like FedEx for drugs, it employs a unique and highly efficient technique to deliver cargoes right into the cells without damaging them as smoothly as you cross automatic doors with your luggage. It transforms drugs from toxic to specific. This will reduce the dose and side effects and improve the quality & life of patients.


Stage of Development


Pre-commercialization, the application of delivery device to deliver simple fluorescent dyes into the living cell. Promo video (


Unique Features of The Product/Technology


Proprietary device CyCa-dd is a non-liposomal material, which has low toxicity, low batch heterogeneity, high stability, high oral availability and specific drug loading. The USP is its novel cell entry mechanism based on a harmless membrane drilling mechanism. This product CyGlo has a 20 less cost in comparison to similar product in the market.


Market Potential


Worldwide 15 million new cases, 8 million death and 33 million people living with cancer. Mainly two anticancer drugs with liposomal formulations are available. 1. The global liposomal doxorubicin market was valued at USD 814.6 million is expected to reach a value of USD 1.39 billion by 2024. 2. The global liposomal Cisplatin market is $ 750 million, which is 30 of total 3.2 billion USD of platinum anti-cancer drug market.


National/Societal Relevance


Mortality and morbidity worldwide 8.2 million death, 15 million new cases.


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