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Information Technology Policy


The rapid advancements in the field of Information, Communication and Entertainment Technologies and the resultant explosive growth of the information intensive services sector have radically changed the world economic landscape. These changes have given rise to a new society based on knowledge. This has further resulted in the new avenues of development, employment, productivity, efficiency, and enhanced factors of economic growth.

Government of Delhi recognises the enormous potential of the IT and has decided to embark upon an ambitious journey to herald the benefits of IT to the people of the state. It envisions that by the year 2003, Delhi shall ave realised this huge potential and, as a result, would emerge as a premier cyber state in the country with its citizens qualifying to be e-citizens.



Equal Opportunity Policy for Persons with Disabilities


Every establishment shall notify Equal Opportunity Policy detailing measures proposed to be taken by it in pursuance of the provisions of chapter IV in manner as prescribed the central govt. Every establishment shall register a copy o the side policy with the chief commissioner or the State Commissioner, as the case may be.



Industrial Policy 2020-2021


Delhi has close to 1 lakh manufacturing units employing nearly 6 lakh people, with majority o f units operating in the unorganised sector. The 62"'1 round o f NSSO survey for 2005 estimated 97,636 manufacturing units in the unorganised sector employing 4.5 lakh workers. The manufacturing units in organised sector in 2005, as per the Annual Survey o f Industries add up to just 3,312, employing -1 .2 lakh people


IT Security & Audit Policy


Information Security Policies are the cornerstone of information security effectiveness. The Security Policy is intended to define what is expected from an organization with respect to security of Information Systems. The overall objective is to control or guide human behavior in an attempt to reduce the risk to information assets by accidental or deliberate actions. Information security policies underpin the security and well being of information resources. They are the foundation, the bottom line, of information security within an organization.



Solar Policy, 2016


The Government of NCT of Delhi (GNCTD) considers solar power to be the most viable form of green energy in Delhi. It has the potential of lowering the state's expenditure on energy, strengthening its energy security, and reducing its reliance on unsustainable fossil fuels. To attain this potential, rapid capacity addition in solar power is needed. Hence, it is deemed necessary to have a Delhi Solar Energy Policy for the promotion of solar power plants.