Heat Resistant Polyamide Suitable for Use With Lead-free Solder

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Description And Advantages

Mitsui Chemicals has begun to enhance its market development for a new grade of aromatic polyamide resin (modified polyamide 6T), which was developed by the company to improve reflow heat resistance in view of the rapid shift to lead-free solder in surface mounting technology (SMT) of electronics parts. In the electric and electronics parts market, a shift from lead-eutectic solder to lead-free solder is getting underway, and improvement of heat resistance is desired for resin materials because lead-free solder has a higher melting point than conventional solder.

While polyamide resin is the main-stay material for surface mounting, the new product is the world first for use with lead-free solder. The company, having already started to supplies, is planning to sell 1,000 tons this year.

The resin (product name: Arlen), with an aromatic ring in its basic structure, has a high melting point (320oC) and high rigidity comparable to those of super-engineering plastics. Nearly 5,000 tons (as compounds) are sold annually for use in electronics-related parts and mechanical parts, which roughly account for 50% each.