Small-Scale Lumber Drier

Description And Advantages

Researchers from a Philippine government institute have developed a small-scale lumber drier-incinerator or kiln, fuelled by solid wood wastes such as trimmings, shavings and sawdust.

The equipment, designed by the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI), has a capacity of 1.2 m3 lumber per load. The main components are: a heating chamber and a furnace-type heater; a water jet humidifying system; and an internal air circulation system with two thermometers fitted to the drying chamber and an electric fan.

The specifications are as follows

Drying chamber dimensions (I x wx h) 1.8x2.4x1. 47m
Effective heat transfer area 4.5m2
Heat exchanger capacity 0.6m3
  • Internal air circulation
  • Fan diamer (4 blades)
  • Rated air delivery
  • Electric motor
60 cm
142 M3min
0.75 kW, 3-phase

The kiln has no load-bearing structural elements, thus making it inexpensive to fabricate, at about USD2,250 per unit. The cost of drying works out at USD 0.04 per kiln load.

The technology is ready for transfer.

For more information, contact

The Director
Forest Products Research and
Development Institute
College, Los Banos
4031 Laguna, Philippines
Tel: (6349) 536-2377; 536-2360
Telefax: (6349) 536-3630


Global Business Oppertunities, May-June 2002