Description And Advantages

The Moly-Fusion liquid is the result of new, patented inorganic chemistry and inorganic chemistry technique. The underlying liquid science is the new ability to maintain stable negative ions in solution for deposition onto a conductive substrate. In this case inorganic Molybdenum and phosphating ions are kept in stable suspension to be infused into and onto the metals, etc. for treatment. (Hence Moly FusionT ).

When the liquid comes into physical contact with targeted clean metal surfaces Molybdenum and phosphate is covalently bonded into the surface structure. In addition Nitrogen and phosphatinges are infused well into the surface structure to thousands of an inch in. Outside dimensional changes are extremely small: i.e. .00005" of covalently bonded new structure. Nitrogen into the metal is a key component to the performance increase. phosphatinges is a new chemistry term, but accurately describes new substances that are present along with ammonia and phosphorous amido complex. Molybdenum and phosphate is the simple way to describe some of what is going on, still under study.

It solves many problems, for example, where lubrication, or anti-seizing, anti-sticking, or abrasive protection is required at very high temperatures and /or combined with pressure situations (high or low). It has been shown to be effective at dynamic temperatures, and to 2200 degrees and higher (for the aforementioned situations.) Also where additional wear reduction, lubricity increase, and hardness is desired at any temperature. It is Non-Toxic.

It does it at very low temperatures (relatively) and requires no extra equipment. It can be done quickly within R & D budgets. Low temperatures means no chance of changing any surface or metal characteristics, such as hardness. All the technology built in means it is very low tech and low cost per application to use, which means it can be used on a wide variety of applications more quickly.

It will allow a huge array of inexpensive treatments on a side variety of metals, including inexpensive and expensive metal for scientists, inventors, innovators, and industry users, large and small. Better products, less price. To make sure this happens, it is available to the average consumer and inventor alike, in the form of a "self contained chemistry evaluation kit" with directions for $50.00. I think it is well within reach of the serious experimenter / student. In addition, this amount of liquid treats quite alot of metal.