Multi-End Type Silk Reeling Machine

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The Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI) has designed, developed, and manufactured a multi-end type reeling machine for the production of raw silk filaments from cocoons.

The machine can be operated by one person and can produce up to 1.5 kg of silk yarn per 8-h shift. It consists of the following parts assembled into one unit

Reeling assembly Thermostat
Water heater Silk yarn drier

Local manufacturing costs for one unit is USD3,269. The rate of investment is 81,8 percent recoverable in one year. The technology is available for transfer on a know-how basis.

The PTRI was established in 1967 as part of the Department of Science and Technology to carry out research and development activities and to provide technical consultancy services to the textile and allied sectors.

For more information, contact

Dr. Carlos C. Tomboc, Director
Philippine Textile Research Institute PTRI Bldg.,
Gen. Santos Avenue Bicutan,
Taguig City, Philippines
Tel: (632) 837-2071 to 82 X-2360 to 2369
Telefax: (632} 837-1325


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