Waters India Offers Two Novel Technologies in Drug Development

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Description and Advantages

Waters India, the Bangalore-based Indian subsidiary of Waters Corporation, has introduced two novel technologies in the area of drug development process in Indian market.

These technologies include Stability Indicating Methods Development Kit, which is a new approach for rapid development of stability-indicating methods, and XTerra HPLC Columns that brings the benefits of Hybrid Particle Technology to scientists performing drug development separations.

The prices of the two products are not indicated, but Waters India sources informed that the technology advantage and improvement in research analysis will not deter pharma-biotech companies to invest in state of the art products.

The eight-step approach of the 'Stability Indicating Methods Development Kit' facilitates drug development scientists looking for proven methodology for creating stability-indicating assays.
These assays accurately quantify active ingredients in drug products without interference from degradation products, pro cess impurities, excipients, or other potential impurities.

In the XTerra hybrid particle substrate, 1/3 of the surface silanols are replaced by silicon-methyl groups.

Fewer surface silanols followed by bonding of a multifunctional, short-chain phenyl ligand imparts superior low pH stability, while the hybrid particle ensures the extended high pH lifetime associated with XTerra columns.

This unique combination yields selectivity different from that of bonded linear alkyl chains with the best peak shape to date for acids, neutrals and bases.


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