Fertility Check : New device for Women

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Description And Advantages

At first glance it may be mistaken for a cigarette lighter or a lipstick. But, it is actually an innovative device called OvuLite, to check the fertility period of a woman.

To use it a woman has to wet the tip of her finger with a little saliva, apply it in on one side of the lens, allow it to dry for about five seconds and then replace it in the holder. There is a lens at one end and a tiny switch at the other. When the switch is pressed, a light comes on and through the lens a pattern is visible that determines the woman's current stage of fertility.

A bright green pattern is indicative of reduced fertility at that point of time; if it is green with a few black lines on it, there is a probability that the person can conceive; if it is green with a lot of black lines, conception during sexual intercourse is a certainty.

The device has been designed by the US-based Chhabra group which has varied interests in the health care segment. It is being manufactured in India for the US and European markets and some health care websites. Though it's currently not available in India, it will be marketed here in the near future.

According to Naresh Chhabra who heads the $80-million Chhabra group, he has close ties with Bangalore since most of his family has settled here."Although I left India more than 35 years ago, I always thought that if we were to start our business here, we would begin with this city where we might begin large scale manufacturing later this year."

The device can only indicate what stage of fertility a woman is in and can be used for family planning. Says Sulochana Gunasheela, a specialist in reproductive medicine, "it is indeed unique and will help a number of couples who want to conceive or delay pregnancy. The hormonal changes that occur in the body during and after ovulation might be revealed in the saliva and by monitoring this one can check out the reduced or increased fertility of a woman."


Times of India, June 22, 2003