Tm Bioscience Launches Drug Metabolism Genetic Test Kit

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Description And Advantages

Tm Bioscience Corporation has launched the Tag-It Mutation Detection Kit for P450-2d6 (or Drug Metabolism). This genetic test kit will be used to identify the presence or absence of important mutation common in patients with atypical drug metabolism, which can lead to adverse drug responses, a major cause of hospitalization. The Tag-It P450-2D6 test will provide diagnostic laboratories and drug developers with a cost-effective, accurate system to meet the growing demand for drug metabolism testing.

"Drug metabolism testing is one of the fastest growing segment of the genetic testing market as pharmaceutical companies strive to identify patients predisposed to drug side effects and as regulators demand this enhanced drug safety data to minimize adverse drug reactions in the population," said Greg Hines, President and CEO of Tm Bioscience. "Our test is a highly accurate and comprehensive test for P450-2D6 genetic markers. This test is the promise of personalized medicine, and Tm is excited to be at the forefront of this rapidly emerging opportunity".

Many common prescription and over the counter drugs are affected by P450 enzymes. Its is estimated that 20% of currently available prescription drugs are metabolized by P450-2D6 derived enzymes. The demand for genetic tests to identify the presence or absence of important mutation common in patient with atypical drug metabolism is growing rapidly, as drug developers and the medical community face increasing pressure from regulators to characterize patient for improved safety. Hospitalization for adverse drug reaction is the third leading cause of emergency room admissions in the United States.

"The innovative, multiplexed format of the Tag-It platform allows this test to be sold to the customer at a fraction of the cost of recently announced competitive products," continued Greg Hinues. "The huge market potential for drug metabolism testing will only be realized if tests are marketed at a price that healthcare providers can afford to pay. Tm's P450 tests will be priced in alignment with international cost containment initiatives".


Pharmabiz, July 03, 2003