Integrated Assay and Detection System

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Description And Advantages

A new multi-mode instrument system - ScreenStation, has been introduced by Molecular Devices Corporation, a leader in innovative solutions for drug discovery and life sciences research, targeted for use in drug discovery screening applications. The ScreenStation system integrates assay assembly and detection capabilities for popular homogeneous assay formats in the high throughput screening (HTS) environment, reducing critical assay development bottlenecks.

Combining Molecular Devices' proprietary SmartOptics technology with sub-microliter liquid dispensing capability and innovative Screenplay software, ScreenStation is an easy-to-use system that enables research scientists to test tens of thousands of samples per day in a miniaturised format, without the need for specialised automation equipment and training. Tests can be run in industry-standard 384-well or 1536-well microplates, which may reduce the use of precious reagents and library compounds.

According to John Senaldi, Vice President Marketing of Molecular Devices, "ScreenStation is the latest addition to our portfolio of high-throughput screening products that have brought innovative, high value-added capabilities to our customers. We believe this is the only system in the market that combines the benefits of multi-mode, 1536-well screening with an integrated benchtop assay assembly system."

Molecular Devices Corporation is a leading developer of high-performance, bioanalytical measurement systems that accelerate and improve drug discovery and other life sciences research. Molecular Devices' systems enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to leverage advances in genomics and combinatorial chemistry by facilitating the high throughput and cost effective identification and evaluation of drug candidates.


Pharmabiz, May 21, 2001