Special Colloid Mills

Description And Advantages

Probst & Class Gmbh Germany, the 75 year old inventors and pioneers in the multi-stage Stator/ Rotor Design Colloid Mills, have solutions to the problems in the production of wet for mulations and viscous products. With references of well known products like Colgate Toothpaste and Nivea Cream in Germany and with a customer list including top processors of Industrial and Automotive Greases, Pharmaceutical Ointments, Cosmetic Pastes and Creams, and Food Products like Tomato Ketchup, Mayon-naise and Chocolate Paste, and even aggressive Chemical/Pesticide Formulations, PUC's applications are very wide.

While Colloids Mills of different types are being produced in Europe, UK, USA and in India too, the Specialities offered by PUC are

  • Multi-Stage Stator/Rotor Teeth Design with 4th Stage not yet developed by anyone else.
  • Special Metallurgy of the Stator/Rotor and Heat Treatment Process closely held within PUCs Design Secrecy.
  • Special Manual (or automatic) Milling Gap Adjustment to get precise consistency of end product.
  • Only System capable of proper Dispersion, Size Reduction by Milling, uniformity of product by Homogenization and stability of product by Emulsifying, all process happening at the same time.
  • Single Pass, High Speed Stator/Rotor design with minimum residence time of material within the Mill, eliminating over-heating, contamination, clogging etc.
  • Special Proprietary Design, Mechanical Seals Preventing leakage of product from the Mill.
  • Motor Shaft integral with Rotor, eliminating coupling and mis-alignment.
  • Facility for adding Components while in operation and re-cycling to the inlet if required.
  • From 100 cp to 80,000 cp Viscosity range and 100 Litres to 10 Tonnes/Hr production capacity range.
  • Portable Laboratory/Pilot Production Model, for R&D and Pilot Batches, with scaling up possibility.
  • Mills working over 50 years eg. Paint Industry in Germany.

Area of Application

PUC Colloid Mills have very good application in India for Grease production to NLGI Standards, Paints (both Solvent and Water-based) Ketchup and other Food Products, Agro-Chemicals and Wet Pesticides, Cosmetics Creams and Pharmaceutical Wet Formulations.


Pharmabiz, August 2, 2001