A New Breakthrough in Solar Film Technology

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Description and Advantages

Advanced Research Development Inc., the United States, has developed a new solar film technology that provides extremely low-cost, efficient, pollution-free solar electric power. Lumeloid Solar Film is a new solar energy technology with the potential to provide very low cost, efficient, nonpolluting solar electric power. 'Lumeloid' solar film's theoretical sunlight-to-energy conversion efficiency is 72 per cent, nearly three times that of solar cells.

Lumeloid, classified as a polymeric photovoltaic device, is constructed using inexpensive, non-toxic polymer materials. It comprises a photovoltaic polarized film on a Mylar substrate with microelectronic circuitry. The finished product consists of a thin film, about 0.3 microns thick, on a ow-cost plastic roll. Lumeloid exploits the same technique used by radio antennae to absorb radio waves, except that the former absorbs nano-scale visible waves in a process that in part mimics photosynthesis. The linear light polarizing molecules in the film act as the antennae to absorb energy of a resolved component of photons incident on the film. This creates energized electrons that are converted to unidirectional voltage and current through nano-scale diodes chemically bound to the light polarizing molecules.

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