Compact Microinvertor for PV Modules

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Description and Advantages

A microinverter has been developed by Advanced Energy Systems Inc. of Wilton, N.H. Advanced Energy's microinverter, which is easy to install and not much larger than a paperback book, can be attached to PV modules made by several manufacturers. GC1000 Receives C-UL Listing Mark Designating Approval of the Inverter for Safe Use in Canada

The GC1000 1kW grid-tied inverter is now authorized by Underwriters Laboratories for use in Canada. The C UL Listing Mark is the Canadian equivalent of the UL Mark recognized in the United States as the guarantee of safety for electrical consumer products. The GC 1000 is a cost-effective solution for homes, schools and businesses who want to connect photovoltaic systems to the utility grid without the use of batteries. The unit is rated for both indoor and outdoor installation. The GC1000 meets the IEEE-P929 anti-islanding standard and the IEEE62.41 voltage-surge standard and thus becomes the industry benchmark for safe utility-interconnection.


The microinvertor is designed for architects, building contractors and home-and business owners, who want an appropriately sized, reasonably priced, easy-to-install inverter, the NEC-compliant GC1000 includes a String Combiner, DC and AC Disconnects, Ground Fault Interruptor, and Surge Protection.


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