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A Chinese company offers technology and equipment for glass fibre manufacturing by pot furnace method. This production technology incorporates certain properties of both the direct-melt process and the marble process. It re-melts glass marblesin a melting pot and produces the glass fibre from multi-bushing plates with 800 tips under the forming channels. These are in theform of extended limbs from the melting pot. The geometric double-deck layout, airflow control and fibre-forming section are the same as that of the direct-melt process.

The major techno-economic indices are

  • Production scale : 2,000 - 4,000 MT/year C-glass fibre
  • Melting efficiency : 5 MT/day sqm
  • Furnace campaign : 3 years
  • Number of bushing tips : 800 tips
  • Service life of bushing : 5 months
  • Throughput per bushing : 650 kg/bushing day
  • Power consumption : 2,200 kW hour/per tonne of fibre

Areas of Application

C-glass fibre and its processed products are widely used in cooling towers, washing machine housing, vehicle housing, train compartments, waterproof asphalt roofing, elevated water tanks, bath tubs, pipelines, boats and profiles.


The process offered combines advantages of both the direct-melt process and the marble proces, and is conducive to manufacturing on a large scale at high productivity, and low investments.

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