Low Odour Colours Derived From Potatoes

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Description and Advantages

Nichino Kagakukogyo has developed potato colours, a first in Japan. These are red and purple pigments extracted from red potato and purple potato, and compared with the substance obtained from red giant radish which is used as a natural pigment, their low odour level is expected to widen the scope of enduses.

Moreover, with pH of 3 or lower, colour development is high, but according to the company, raw material procurement and other problems mean that commercialisation is two years away at the earliest.

Natural red and purple food colours extracted from paprika, giant radish and sweet potato have penetrated the market, but some materials possess a characteristic odour, placing certain limits on their use as additives in other foods.

The colours now developed by Nichino derived from coloured potatoes have little smell and are seen as strong natural-origin contenders to replace red giant radish colour and the like.


Chemical Weekly, August 14, 2007