Growing Cotton in Green And Brown Shades

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No more dyes and body itches. Naturally coloured cotton has become a reality, Jeans, shirts, churidars, skirts and even undergarments spun from naturally coloured cotton would be the next.

Agricultural scientists of Dharwad University have been successful in breeding cotton in two colours, green and almond brown, naturally. This could just be the first step into producing bales of cotton in other colours in the near future.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of the research team headed by Dr. B.M. Khadi, natural cotton with various shades of the two colours from pista to light green and from golden brown - to yellowish brown have become a reality.

Dr. Khadi said that he and the four members of his team experimented by crossing the wild cotton with the cultivated white ones, G.Hisutum and G.Arboreum to get the naturally coloured cotton. The same was crossed with two other species. G. Herbaceum and G.Barbandense. And presto!
Green and brwon cotton became a reality. Dr. Khadi claimed that they could breed even the hybrid varieties in these colours.

Research on coloured cotton is being carried out in various parts of the country, including the University of Agricultural Sciences (USA). However, a concentrated and conscious effort was started in this line at Dharwad University way back in 1996. Funded with Rs 10.1 lakh for five years by the cotton Corporation of India (CCI), Mumbai, the project was completed last year.


The New Indian Express, Bangalore
June 29, 2001