Gluconate Salts via Biotech Route

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Description and Advantages

Prasthita Industries Ltd, Secunderabad has tied up with Regional Research Laboratory (RRL), Jammu for process know how to manufacture gluconate salts by biotech route (aerobic fermentation process).

Unlike synthetic electrolytic oxidation of glucose process using hazardous catalysts (Bromine), the proposed biotech process is totally eco-friendly, using no harmful catalysts. The process is based on aerobic fermentation of glucose using suitable strain followed by standard purification steps.

The biotech process is designed in such a way that, the other gluconate salts can also be produced (like sodium, manganese, potassium salts) with the same capital expenditure. Besides these salts, the process can also produce gluconic acid.

RRL-Jammu has patented one of the salt processes and the company is planning to enter into long term sponsorship contract with the laboratory for developing value added gluconate salts like ferrous, zinc, etc on exclusive basis. The discussions and negotiations in this regard are under process. The new concept bio-technology products like calcium gluconate, etc were launched in May 2001