Fertilizer From Organic Waste

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Description and Advantages

IBR Bio Recovery, Canada, offers a process to convert organic waste into fertilizer. This process employs thermophilic bacilli that work at 60° 70°C. Compared with conventional processes, the process time is reduced from 3-6 months to 60-100h. This is made feasible by macerating the slurry and raising its pH to a range that allows bacteria to thrive. However, the key element is a patented, submerged aeration equipment that saturates the agitated slurry with oxygen to optimize digestion. When digestion is completed, the slurry is dewatered and dried. The solids, which will be about 75 per cent of the solids feed, consist of nitrogen, phosphoric acid and soluble potash, with an N-P-K grade of 3-2-1.


VATIS Update: Waste Technology, July-August 2001