Cheddar Cheese Flavour Base Developed

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Description and Advantages

According to the NDRI, Karnal's News Bulletin, vol, 5, no. 4, Dr. D.K. Sharma and Dr B.D. Tiwari have developed Cheddar cheese flavour based (CCFB) having 15-20 times more intensity than natural Cheddar cheese, in paste & spray dried form using biocatalysts and high temperature incubation. It is a cheese flavourant, which can be used for flavouring processed cheese, spreads and other-food products. It is cheap substitute for matured Cheddar cheese, which has been conventionally added for flavouring good products, the shelf life of spray dried CCFB was determined as more than 8 months at 15°C when packed in metalized polyester laminate pouches. The cheese flavour was successfully retained during the process of spray drying by using micro-encapsulation technique.

Micro-encapsulation of flavour components in spray dried CCFB was confirmed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and GLC patterns of volatile fatty acids. A level of 5 per cent of spray dried CCFB was found to be sufficient to provide mild cheese flavour to processed Cheese, which replaced 100 per cent matured cheese from the blend. The sale price of spray dried CCFB was estimated as Rs 150 per pack. The technology of manufacture of spray dried CCFB is ready for commercial exploitation.


Indian Dairyman, 53,8,2001