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Description and Advantages

The Fundamental Research Institute in Tropical Agriculture (INIFAT) of Cuba offers production technology packages for different vegetables.

The technology includes growing of onions, pumpkin, kidney beans, radish, melon, pepper, cucumber, okra, lettuce and tomatoes. Each technology package features the following

  • Use of varieties which have good perform-ance under tropical conditions and are resistant to pests and diseases
  • High yields with low inputs

The package can be applied in small- and medium-sized agricultural enterprises or in rural areas for its sustainable development. Investment depends on the size of the farm. Technology transfer costs and other terms will be discussed directly with interested parties.

For further information please contact

Lic. Francisco L. Ramirez Morffi Asesor Commercial
Instituto de Investigaciones Fundamentals en Agricultural Tropical (INIFAT)
Calle 1, Esquina 2
santiago de las Vegas
Havana, Cuba
Tel : 537 6834039
Fax : 537 335086


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