Sunflower Production Technology

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Description and Advantages

The Fundamental Research Institute in Tropical Agriculture (INIFAT) offers a technology package on sunflower production technology.

The package allows maximum use of the potentials in sunflower technology. It integrates the benefits and reduce to the minimum the use of foreign resources.

The technology features the following

  • Use of local varieties of sunflower which have adapted to tropical conditions
  • Technical management and different harvesting methods for distinct uses
  • Industrial processes
  • Rate of efficiency in oil extraction is from 26 to 32 percent
  • Provide yield of feeds for rabbits, birds and hogs
  • Inorganic control of weeds
  • Investment cost depends on the size of the farm.
  • Technology transfer costs and other terms will be discussed directly with interested parties.
  • INIFAT was founded in 1904. It has 387 employees.

For further information please contact

Lic. Francisco L. Ramirez Morffi
Asesor Comercial
Instituto de Investigaciones Funda
mentales en Agriculture Tropical (INIFAT)
Calle 1, Esquina 2
Santiago de las Vegas
Havana, Cuba
Tel: (537) 6834039; Fax: (537) 335086


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