Processing Coconut Trunk Into Timber

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Introduction and Advantages

Researchers from Philippine agency have developed a technology for processing coconut trunk into timber or lumber for building and housing construction.

The process, developed at the Forest Products Research and Development Institute, involves the following steps

  • Felling, skidding, cutting and classifying trunks
  • Chemical treatment by diffusion or water-borne preservative
  • Sawmillng
  • Sorting and grading into hard, soft and medium
  • Drying to desired moisture content by air drying, kiln drying, dehumidification, forced-air drying, pole drying, conditioning or reconditioning treatment, or combined air and kiln drying
  • Machining and finishing
  • Equipment required are dryers, bandsaws and other sawmilling tools,
  • An initial investment of USD 2,750 is required for producing 30,000 bdft of coco lumber per month.

For further information please contact

The Director
Forest Product Research and
Development Institute
College, Los Banos
Laguna 4031, Philippines
Tel: (049) 536-2377; 536-3630
Telefax: (049) 536-3630


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