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Description and Advantages

Researchers from a Brazilian company have developed new packing equipment claimed to provide efficient handling of bananas.

The "packing-house," from Magnum Engenharia, include the entire line that carries bunches consisting of five to eight bananas through detergent and chemicals baths prior to packing in cardboard boxes.

The equipment measures 2 x 10 meters, It is mounted on a mobile chassis and has its own electric power supply. According to the deve-lopers, the equipment meets international standards, reduces fruit loss by a factor of about 15 percent, and thus can increase profitability of banana by as mush as 30 percent. A banana packing operation using the machine requires working capital of USD 22,000.

Price of the equipment and terms of techno-logy transfer will be negotiated directly with interested parties.

Established in 1980, the company has 320 employees and an annual turnover of USD4 million.

For further information please contact

Fernando Lopez Silva
Divisao de Equipamentos Agropecuarios
Magnum Engenharia
Rodavia MG 424, Km 25
35720-000 Distrito Industrial de
MG Minas Gerais, Brazil


Global Business Oppertunities, May-June 2002