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Description and Advantages

Scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) have developed new varieties of onion, pumpkin, cabbage and chili.

Released by the Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties, the "Pusa Madhavi" onion variety comes in medium to large sizes of bulbs, has light red color and is slightly flattened spherical shape. It matures in 130-135 days after transplanting. The average yield of the variety is 30 t/ ha.

"Pusa Vishwas", the pumpkin variety, is recommended for sub-humid climates, its fruits are spherical, medium-sized, weigh about 5 kg each and have golden yellow flesh. It matures about 120 days. The yield of the variety is 20-25 t/ha.

The black Rot-resistant cabbage variety "Pusa Mukta", is a hybrid of EC-10109 and EC-24855 varieties. The plants of this variety produce compact, slightly flat heads, with short stalk and light green leaves with wavy margins. The average yield of the variety is 30-35 t/ha.

"Pusa Sadabahar", a perennial multiple disease-tolerant chili variety, can continue to bear fruit for 2-3 years, reducing the cost of production. Its claimed to have additional feature of 6-14 fruits in a bunch. The average fresh fruit yield is 15-20 t/ha from the first year of plantation. It is tolerant to mosaic and leaf curl diseases and possesses a high Capsaicin content and color value.

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