Latex Extraction From Papaya

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Description and Advantages

A Cuban institute has developed a technology for extracting, storing and using latex from Carica papaya.

The technology, from Institute de Investigaciones de Citricos, involves extracting the latex and purifying it using alcoholic fractionation. It yields high quality papain.

The product obtained can be used in preventing protein haze in chilling beer, as raw material for the pharmaceutical industry and as meat tenderizer.

The technology is available for transfer, with terms to be discussed directly with interested parties.

The Institute was established in 1985 and has 42 employees.

For further information please contact

Sra. Maria del Carmen Perez Hernandez
Institute de Investigaciones de Citrico
Ave.23 No. 22816 Entre 22 y 234
La Coronela, La Lisa
Havana, Cuba
Tel: (537) 218909; 219404


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