Essential Oil From Pine Needles

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Description and Advantages

Philippine researchers of the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI) have developed a process of extracting oil from pine needles.

The process involves the following steps

  • Placing small pieces of fresh pine needles in a clavenger flask
  • Adding distilled water at a ratio of three parts to one part pine needles (3:1)
  • Steam distillation of the mixture
  • Collection of oil in a receiving container
  • Separating essential oil from aqueous layer of the distillate
  • Drying oil with anhydrous sodium sulphate

The essential oil yield ranges from 0.33 to 1.81 %. It has the following composition (percent)

Alpha-pinene 58.31
Camphere 1.75
Beta-Pinene 2.38
Myrcene 2.01
D-1-limonene 22.40
1-8 cineole 0.27
Alpha phellandrene 0.86
Lanolin 0.16
Bornyl acetate 6.73
Caryopphyllin 0.19
Borneol 2.26
Gamma-octalactone 0.64

The technology has been pilot-tested.

For further information please contact

The Director
Forest Products Research and Development Institute College,
Los Banos 4031 Laguna, Philippines
Tel: (6349) 536-2377; 536-2360
Telefax: (6349) 536-3630


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